Thursday, February 2, 2012

sure, I'll eat it.

Koreans sure do know how to use their resources when it comes to many things and eating is no different. Korea has had a few different rough patches in their history, which left the country in poverty and its citizens poor. Many Koreans will attribute the Japanese invasion for why the eat the things they do while others will trace it back further before the Japanese invaded Korea. The Korean diet and tradtional Korea foods consist of many foods that westerns consider to be a bit odd, difficult to digest, or down right repulsive. Koreans will eat EVERY part of an animal (with the exception of brains; I have never seen brains served or on a menu)and consume anything that comes from the earth that they can. This includes roots, bark, and leaves. They have figured out a way to boil, steam, and fry things so they taste much better than they look Also, Koreans will tell you two things about ANY given food: it's history and how it affects the body. Last night, I went out for dinner with one old friend and one new friend (both Koreans). We went to Gongdeok station in Seoul, which an area that is famous for its restaurants that serve pigs feet. It's actually just the meat that is around the lower leg and foot. It's actually really good! I used to be one of the pickiest eaters around when I was a child, eating only yellow foods. Then I became vegetarian and thought I would never be eating meat again. Now, I eat basically everything. It's incredible, the changes we can make if we open our mind. The first picture below shows cow's tongue in the middle of the grill. The one following shows two pieces of cow's heart on the grill surrounded by cow's stomach. After being grilled, each one has a nice taste to it and is "good for health", as all Koreans say about Korean food.

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