Thursday, April 22, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Well. I have been experiencing some technical difficulties recently at the tail end of the application process. One of my references wasn't able to get his letter of recommendation on a letter head so though it was appreciated, it was disregarded. Another reference didn't include her e-mail in the letter or recommendation and that had to be resubmitted. Then, I couldn't get another reference to bump me up on her priority list and after a couple friendly reminders that continued to yield no productive result, I turned to yet another reference who submitted the letter that same day. Now, I have officially submitted all documents and will now wait for the conducted interview, probably via Skype. Though all of the "officialness" (excuse the irony of that self-created word) is tedious, it's also reassuring that I am working with a reputable and safe company. GOODNESS! this is exciting!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Anxiously awaiting

I have officially submitted all of my required documents and have thus successfully completed my application process; this includes mailing my official transcript in the mail to South Korea, which only cost a surprising $5.34. I received a confirmation e-mail from my recruiter expressing her excitement for me. I am just waiting for my recommendation letters to be written and sent from my references. Then, I will hopefully receive an official acceptance into the program! Until then...I have to wait...

Sunday, April 4, 2010


In my continued process of applying to teach English in Korea, I have made some small but mighty progress. I have been thoroughly impressed with Korvia and would highly suggest them to anyone that is interested in teaching English in Korea.

However, before I proceed with my personal application process thus far, I want to first say this: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE make sure that before you even start going through with this process of teaching in Korea, make sure that it is something that you whole-heartedly want to do. They are serious about finding people that are dedicated to the cause of TEACHING English. I emphasize the TEACHING because this is not a paid vacation for a year; this is an adult responsibility and you are essentially being held accountable for students' future success. The more fluent a Korean is in English, the more successful their life will be. Hands down. So please only pursue this if you know you can faithfully dedicate yourself to the further advancement of the future generation's English education. Ok. now that I'm off my soap box, we will return to our originally scheduled program.

I have officially begun the extensive application process. My Korvia recruiter sent me two different applications in order to widen my options. The application includes: completing an extensive application; background check/criminal record/essay/resume/two letters of reference/one lesson plan. I have started by filling out the application and understand the urgency of its completion because they start recruiting April 5. If selected, I will be attending an orientation in August where I will meet my Korean co-teacher.

That Korvia homepage has extensive resources to satisfy multiple curiosities. Topic range from salary to cell phones in Korea to health care to taxes to living.

Believe and be the change you wish to see


Thursday, April 1, 2010

And so it begins

Hello, my name is Quinlin and I have a life goal of traveling the world to teach English. I am incredibly fascinated with contrasting cultures and am compelled to find out more about the way other people live. I have been unsuccessful in quenching such a thirst to understand cultures that differ from my own by exposing myself to textural resources. Instead, I have decided that it is my bestowed destiny to travel the world in order to live as others live and experience what others experience on a daily basis. Thus, came the name of my blog; for the remainder of my life, I will be taking a walk in others' my neighbors' worldly neighbors...OUR worldly neighbors to see what life is like for people around the globe. I hope you join me on this incredible adventure to seek out a better understanding of our vast planet and to better grasp the humanistic approach to our world that so many have neglected.

I am currently a 5th year undergrad student studying education. I will complete my degree studies in May. I will then have a BS in English and Social Studies Education. So why, Quinlin, would you travel the world teaching English if you want to experience their culture? Isn't that doing more harm than good by inflicting western culture upon their own? That's an excellent point and see what I'll be doing is not forcing the English language upon others that don't want it by suggesting that English is the elite language and should be spoken by all; rather, I will be seeking out positions around the world that have a pre-established ELL (English Language Learner) program. Since my degree is in English Education and there is, after all, a high demand for English native speakers to teach English globally, it works out quite well. Plus, I can't imagine doing anything other than teaching. It is my passion, my source of happiness, my love, my motivation, and my beacon of light. Thus, it is all congruent and works out quite well.

My first step in this life long process is South Korea. I have done much research and have found South Korea to be the most simplistic starting place for teaching ELL (English Language still with me?) Since that discovery, I have thrown myself into as much Korean exposure as possible. I attend a Big 12 school and am fortunate enough to have access to the resources to get me involved with Asia. However, if I continue on this topic I will only digress. So, back on topic. In order to make my first dream come true of teaching English in Korea, I have since filled out an application with Korvia. They basically help you network. They find companies that you might specifically want to work with and pair you up with compatible programs. I submitted my application here and within two days, I heard back from a Korvia representative via e-mail and within three days I was speaking with a Korvia representative on the phone. She asked me a few questions about what I wanted to do, where I want to teach, why I think I deserve to hold a position and why I want to teach in Korea. This got the ball rolling. From here, she sent me further information about more specifics such as salary and placement. She is now working to find me a program that will sponsor me. She talked about me attending an orientation in August and being placed in my first pick, Seoul. I would also highly recommend prying into this website. I have been following this Canadian couple for months now and they have helped me out substantially.

This is all I have for now but look forward to sharing my future stories of (hopefully) success with you all.

Believe and be the change you wish to see.